The Avengers is a franchise that shows us how complicated life becomes when we are thrown together with random people. In looking at these movies though we begin to see that living in community may have something very important for our lives that God is calling us to.

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We all have dreams. We all have desires. We live our lives to have these dreams and desires become reality, but is it ever enough? We look at The Great Gatsby to try and discover what God teaches about the problem of living for your dreams and desires.

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The Gospel is what we live our lives for, but we so often miss it. The Gospel can be found anywhere though, and should be noticed and change our lives. So what does the movie The Lorax teach us about the Gospel?

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Growing up is hard. We go through so much pain, development, and change. What can we learn from one of the most popular franchises Harry Potter about how God calls us to grow up?

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