You think she is awesome. You think he is cute. You want to ask her out. You want him to ask you out. But how? How do we pursue the one we want to date?

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Siblings are the relationships we are forced to have that we get no say in. Our siblings are annoying, embarrassing, and tiring. So how do we navigate the most annoying relationship in our lives?

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We all have a desire to be in a relationship with someone, but why? Why do we want to date, and what should we be dating for?

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Our friends are one of our most important, special, and influential relationships, but how do we navigate these friendships that get complicated? How do we handle change? Fights? And feelings that come up that are stronger than friendship?

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Our emotions are complicated to say the least. What does the Disney movie Inside Out teach us about our emotions, and what God intends for us to do with them?

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