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Rejection is the reminder that dating isn't always fun. It's the opposing force to the purpose of dating. So why should we pursue dating if it may end in rejection? Also, how do we handle rejection, if we do decide to date?

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We are called in scripture to find and follow mentors, but why? What do mentors have for us? How do we navigate the complexities of our relationship with mentors?

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Once we understand why we date and how to pursue someone we want to date, we are stuck wondering how do we date in a way that works? We so often make mistakes in dating that leave behind scars, so how do we date in a way that brings growth and healing?

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Parents can complicate our lives. They keep us from doing the things we want, embarrass us, and seem to hold us back. So what is the point of following them? How do we navigate the complex relationship of our parents?

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